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Psychology of a Search Engine Crawler November 18, 2007

Posted by IY@NZ in Internet Marketing.

What does Google see? Or more importantly how does a webpage look to Googlebot and how will it rank a website in its search engine? We have started a project that answers the more general question of how a search engine crawler sees the world. The SEO Text Browser tells the user what things could be improved with the current web page they are browsing. New webmasters don’t need to know every SEO trick, a quick spin around the block with the SEO Text Browser tells most of the major corrections that are needed to rank better with on-page content. Best of all this is a free service by DomainTools for all the white hats out there.

The SEO Text Browser allows even the newest webmaster to easily view a detailed and customized list of tasks to fix. For experts that know what they are doing they use lynx or study the source code. The browser actually gives easy step by step instructions on how to improve the web page the user is surfing.

Step-by-Step Instructions to fix Search Engine Optimization:
1) Enter a domain name into the whois form on DomainTools.com.
2) Click on the SEO Text Browser on the right of the whois record.

If you do not see the SEO Text Browser, then no webpage was found for the domain.

3) The SEO Text Browser will launch and give its first suggestion.
4) Complete the task/improvement. Refresh the SEO Text Browser.

The SEO Text Browser caches, you must use the reload button to clear the old copy from our server.

5) Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

source :http://www.domaintools.com/seo-score/




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