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SEO Score and Calculations November 18, 2007

Posted by IY@NZ in Internet Marketing.

We receive a lot of feedback on score

Let us start by saying that the SEO Text Browser and the components are all in Beta. The ‘Beta’ word can’t be stressed enough because formulas are still changing and we are working on adjusting them daily. If your score changes and you didn’t do anything then consider it something we did to the formula. We will be announcing the formal and allowing community input to help us improve the formula as our project matures. Our goal is to allow everyone to accomplish a 100% score. If no obvious html optimization methods exist and everything looks good we will be giving it a 100%. We will be picky about the obvious things like completing Title tags and h1 tags, webmasters should be using these. We are very hard on frames and lag of alt tags.


We are not using Google pagerank as part of the formula. Optimization is for all on-page content. No off page content is considered in part of the score currently.


We factor in three types of links: On-domain links, Off-domain links, and No-Follow links. Each type of link is different and gives its own type of optimization to a pages it links to. We have derived our score to assume that the current domain wants to keep as much focused PR as possible so we mark down pages that link outbound more then a certain percent of the time.

On-Domain links: These help PR and generally boast a score because links are flowing back to the domain where the webpage is located and the pages inside the domain are likely to flow back to the original page.

Off-Domain links: They don’t hurt a page but they weaken the domain’s focusing PR power. We encourage people to link to good resources and it will not penalize a page if there are one or two links going off site. However if a page is 100% outbound links then at that point we drop the score a few points.

No-Follow links: We disregard these links and they are neutral. You can learn more about them by searching for “rel=nofollow” on your favorite search engine. We only want to see rel=nofollow links when third parties are adding the links. If you think the resource is quality then websites should not fear linking to it and giving them some PR. It actually shows search engines the site is a quality hub site. Another scenario for use would be if a link was to a third party and it was excessively used. This type of heavy linking to another site bleeds a site and we suggest it be sparingly use it in these cases.


source : http://www.domaintools.com/seo-score/




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